Many of my friends enjoy having a smoothie or health shake at work, after the gym, at home or whenever they can’t be bothered cooking! I came across the Travelmixa® when I was setting up the website. I knew I had to try it as had just started on a meal replacement program and the “shaker” that I was using to mix up the powder just didn’t do a very good job. (Although be aware it is not a liquidizer so if you are blending fruit it can still be a bit pulpy.)
Travelmixa blue
Travelmixa – Blue colour
Click on the picture to the left to check out a video of the Travelmixa in action.
Once I started using the Travelmixa® I knew I had found an awesome product and immediately added it to our store products. The best thing is – it is a NZ designed product!

When I went on holiday I took the Travelmixa® with me. It is so light and easy to carry and I loved being able to use it while I was away. I just packed in among my Packing Cells Big plus is that it is super easy to clean so no messy blender blades that never seem to clean properly and no chance of getting any food left in it. You can also put the flask and lid in the dishwasher but NOT the base! I prefer to just unscrew it all and rinse it off in warm water and let it drip dry.

Travelmixa in Hong Kong
Travelmixa in Hong Kong!
I can personally vouch that you will be allowed to take your travelmixa on board a flight in your carry on luggage – i just took mine all the way to Hong Kong via Australia and had absolutely no issues whatsoever!
The other amazing feature with the Travelmixa is that you can charge it up with a USB connection and the charge lasts for between 2 – 4 weeks! Depends on how often you use it of course – but I use mine at least once a day and it usually gets me through about 4 weeks before I need to charge it again. You can recharge the Travelmixa® anytime by plugging the USB cable into your USB Travel adapter, ipad, laptop or other device with a USB port or even the USB connector on a flight.
Travelmixa blue
Travelmixa – Blue colour
This means it is perfect for camping or tramping trips where you may be away from a power source for any length of time. Even if you are just heading away for a day trip it is so light and compact that you can pop it into your backpack and make a fresh smoothie or protein shake when you need it!
The Travelmixa® is also great to take to a party if you are wanting to make your own cocktails! Although it is not suitable for ice so don’t try making anything with ice in it unless you have crushed ice and not too much at once! I have used frozen fruit in my smoothies before but only small fruit such as blueberries and raspberries.
Of course you can also use any other kind of soft fruit and cold liquid to make delicious smoothies or cocktails! The Travelmixa is not designed to blend hard items like ice, nuts, carrots, beets etc. Because it is a small travel sized mixer, it is not suitable to deal with all those great big jobs that a bench-top blenders do. Use fridge cold water and milks to make your smoothie and then pour over ice cubes if you like your drinks really chilled.
 So what are you waiting for? Jump into the shop and get your Travelmixa today! You will wonder how you ever managed without it!
Travelmixa Purple
TravelMixa – Purple
Have you used the Travelmixa before? Please feel free to share your tips or even your favourite recipes! We would love to hear from you!


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Lee Ann

Wow this is perfect for camping trips. I love the design and the strap it has will definitely make it easy to travel. This would be useful no matter where we go.
I will have to have my best friend check this out. She has a camp and I am willing to bet she would love to have this, maybe even a couple of them.
Thank you for the information ad for letting us know about the ice.
Lee Ann


Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know – I had never heard of this mixer until I stumbled upon your site. It is absolutely perfect for what I want. I mix up warm water and honey for my horses every night and the honey just doesn’t dissolve properly, it’s the real stuff no preservatives and goes a bit solid. Is it OK to put hot or boiling water into? It doesn’t need to stay warm just wondered if the container would warp or crack with heat? I am thinking if it is OK with the mix part this… Read more »