Ordergo Portable Blender


Ordergo Portable Blender USB Juicer Cup, Fruit, Smoothie, Baby Food Mixing Machine with Powerful Motor, 2x2000mAh High Capacity Batteries – Green


1.1 Light weight, small size and multi-use travel blender.

Easy to pack into a backpack when hiking, biking, camping or travelling. Doesn’t weigh you down and easy to clean and store.

1.2 Excellent power

This blender features 6 super strong, 304 stainless steel blades, moved by a powerful, high speed motor, can blend fruit, vegetables and mix up nutrition powders, meal replacement shakes, smoothies, cocktails etc and all made in seconds.

1.3 Anti-Leak and Security Protect Design.

The cup has a silicone seal to make sure liquid won’t leak from the cup. The machine won’t blend if you open the cup to clean.

Ordergo Portable Blender

The Ordergo 4th generation portable blender was released in 2017, manufactured using high quality ABS & PP, Stainless steel materials, FDA approved and BPA free. It’s very safe and perfect for blending baby food, fruit, and any soft food in seconds, good for traveling, sports and super easy to clean and store.

Portable Blender Specs

Liquid Capacity:420ml
Blaze:305stainless steel
Blaze RPM:22,000 if portable blender is empty, 16,000 if blending
Working Current:12A
Battery Capacity:2x2000mAh, 7.4V
Product Housing Material: Plastic(PP,PC,ABS), FDA certified food grade, BPA-free
Number of Blending sessions on a full charge: Up to 20 times

Package Includes

1x mini juicer bottle
1x manual(put inside the bottle)
1x usb charging cable(You can connect with power bank, PC or USB charger)


1. The portable blender needs to charge for 2.5 hours and is charged when the light turns from red (charging) to blue (full/ready to use).
2. Cut fruit/vegetables into small pieces (not larger than 3”x 3”) to prevent getting stuck on blade and preventing blade from operating freely.
3. Do not overfill the cup to more than 2/3 its capacity.
4. When blending, the blade will stop every 20 seconds – just press it again to start the blades – this is normal.
5. Read the user manual before first use.

Note: If it doesn’t work: Clear tube has to be lined up on the green base correctly.
Charge the portable blender for 3-5 hours for the first use. 


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