Travelmixa is the best portable blender on the market. USB charged, charge usually lasts for a minimum of two weeks depending on usage. Great for shakes, smoothies, cocktails and more!


The Travelmixa® is an awesome little blender. Being portable it is the next best thing to your bench-top brand when away from home. Take along your favourite smoothie powders and your Travelmixa for a convenient way to stay healthy wherever you go. So much more than a shaker; add soft fresh fruit and create a creamy smoothie. Like a cheeky cocktail? This blender is perfect for mixing up your favourite tipple!

Enjoy your smoothies anytime, anywhere, while travelling or tramping, driving or flying! The possibilities are endless! You can even use it at home if you can’t be bothered getting out the big kitchen blender. Travelmixa is a high quality but cheap portable blender that is also the best small smoothie maker I have ever used.

The perfect portable shake blender to mix up super food powders, protein powders, weight management drinks and sports nutrition; use with soft fresh fruit and your favourite cold liquids. It won’t blend hard objects like ice or nuts, but you can add soaked chia seeds, LSA and oatmeal. Will also mix up some frozen berries such as blueberries.
Check out the video to see the Travelmixa in action! It really is the perfect small travel blender.

You can use Travelmixa as a portable hand blender as long as you do not use hard ingredients as mentioned before. I use my portable personal blender at work every day to make my shake at lunchtime. So I know I am qualified to call it one of the best portable smoothie makers on the market. So if you are looking for a small portable smoothie maker then Travelmixa is the perfect product for you!

Simply charge your portable smoothie blender before you leave home and you’re good to go for at least TWO weeks. Or, if travelling longer, recharge the portable mini blender anytime by plugging the USB cable into your ipad, laptop or other device with a USB port. It’s that easy. Oh an it is so easy to clean as well! Just rinse and turn upside down to allow it to dry off.

Travelmixa blue
Travelmixa – Blue colour
  • Cordless, hand-held
  • Lasts 2-3 weeks on a fully charged battery
  • Re-charge on-the-go with a USB cable
  • Use with cold liquids, soft fruit and nutri-powders
  • Capacity of 430ml (15 floz)
  • BPA free plastic and surgical steel blades
  • Approved to pack into your carry-on luggage
  • Just rinse and turn upside down to dry
  • Comes with a 6-month replacement guarantee
  • Surgical grade steel blades
  • $5 shipping in NZ and ​only $10 Australia
  • Please message us directly if you live anywhere else in the world and would like to know your shipping cost.



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Weight 0.400 g

Portable Travel Blender, Smoothies on the go, Protein Shakes


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